​In Rabanales, we are commited to our local community, environment and coffee connoisseurs


Finca Rabanales is located in Fraijanes, one of the eight Coffee Regions in Guatemala, in the outskirts of Guatemala City.

We produce, process, and export specialty coffee, based on three pillars: innovation, sustainability, and quality.

Technical Information of the Farm:

  • Altitude: 1,630 meters (5,350 ft) above sea level

  • Coordinates: N-14.45979 W-90.47694

  • Estimate annual crop: 1,000 bags of green coffee

  • Plantation area: 60 Ha.

  • Type of shade: Inga, Gravilea and native species

  • Average annual rainfall: 2,000 millimiters

  • Temperature: 10-25°C (50-77°F)

  • Type of soil: clay-loom soils


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