Our Story

In Rabanales farm every stone, every tree and every coffee plant tells a story about the people who have lived and worked here. Walking across the “cafetales” is like taking a trip across history. You can be transported to 1884, when Don Gregorio Zamora, our great-grandfather acquired the estate. He had a profound passion for agriculture and he owned multiple farms; but since he first visited the farm he knew it would be a special one and fell in love immediately.

He envisioned here a high-quality and sustainable coffee plantation so he carefully chose the best areas in the higher parts of the farm and it was himself who began planting the first coffee trees. Some of them still exist and allow us to enjoy a cup of the coffee that Don Gregorio had more than 130 years ago.


“La Casona” is the 200-year-old farmhouse of Rabanales. It existed since he bought the farm. He decided to repair it and move in because it reminded him of the land of his ancestors from Rabanales, in the province of Zamora, Spain. That is where the name of the farm comes from. The house has been home to the five generations after Don Gregorio and they have all tried to conserve it, as it was when he walked through its corridors.

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